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Silvercord Flower Essences are suppliers and manufacturers of quality hand blended flower essences for the discerning professional, we as a company of integrity are at the forefront of research to keep our materials and products to the standard needed for health practitioners. We are unique among our competitors for the range and diversity of essences being produced.

Silvercord Essences give a guarantee that we only use the best available materials. We also promote products that are produced from wild flowers and organic sources. All our essences are prepared with love and respect for their nature and a guarantee of authenticity of the vibrational quality of the plant being used.

Quality An essence is obtained at the correct solar time and from the same area so they represent the nature of the particular plant. By doing so we are creating a continuous blend of harmony that can be repeated and will confirm to standards of previous years. Silvercord do not compromise on this issue.

Extraction Methods Essences are extracted by non-invasive methods of not picking the plant materials. We use chromatic and solarised extraction methods and we use our unique laser extraction methods for poisonous plants. We feel strongly about being sympathetic to the environment .Our essences have a better quality this way and do less harm to the flower.

Pricing The quality of an essence is down to the discernment of the individual. Silvercord does not compromise on quality and the pricing reflects this. We offer a unique product with exceptional value for money, quality and professional integrity.

The Best From the Earth The efficacy of essences is due to the choice of plants used, i.e. the best growing areas and best soils. By doing so we can also make sure no fertilisers are used. Caring for the flora is utmost in the providing of a caring essence. Each individual flower's energy is gathered with love and respect, thereby producing an efficient essence. Today's progress is such that new horizons on vibrational healing are forever opening new methods to understand the nature of nature itself. Silvercord Essences can be differentiated from other remedies by their vibrational quality of excellence, fitting in with the needs of today's lifestyle. Their subtle action, while not affecting the organism, but helping the spiritual, mental and emotional defensives, so benefiting the more holistic action upon the whole.

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